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Residential Electric Wauconda

Looking for a residential electric company? Ventura Electric has been serving residents in Wauconda, Illinois for over 40 years. We can help with all of your residential electrical problems. You can trust our professional electricians for all of your electrical needs including: rewiring, room additions, ceiling fans, generators, landscape lighting, outlets, circuits and lots more. Contact us today for more information at 847-277-7171.

Why Choose Ventura Electric

  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • FREE Estimates
  • Reliable Service
  • Safety Is Our Priority

Why You Should Hire A Residential Electrician

Doing your own electrical work in your Wauconda Illinois residence can be dangerous. If you do not have any experience with electrical work do not attempt anything by yourself. An electrical shock can cause you or your family members to go to the hospital. Being electrocuted can cause serious health issues and even death.  A professional electrician knows all the proper safety precautions when handling your electrical appliances. Residential electricians are trained and certified and know exactly what to do in those situations.

All of our residential electricians at Ventura Electric are highly trained and certified. You can rely on us to keep you and your family safe. If you are having issues when any of your electrical work, we can help. We are experts at finding what causes issues in the home and coming up with the best solutions. After we repair your residential electrical work, you will feel a lot better and safer in your home. You won’t have to worry about having electrical shocks, short circuits, power outages and more. It is important that you trust who is working on your home’s electrical work. With Ventura Electric we will make you feel confident that you chose us!

Residential Electric Wauconda
Residential Electric Wauconda

Things You Should Tell Your Residential Electrician

Struggling with an electric problem in your home? If so, contact our master electricians at Ventura Electric. We can help determine the problem and come up with the best solutions for you. When our residential electrician comes to your home in Wauconda, there are a few things we want you to know. We want to know if you started on the electrical project so we can determine the next steps, where the issue is and if you could kindly clear a path so we can work. We also don’t want to waste your money, so read below how our electricians can help you and your family stay safe:

  1. Help Us – If the electrical problem is in a hard to reach spot such as a storage room or garage, clear a path for us. In order for us to help you, we need access to the area.
  2. Tell Us Everything – If you have started on your own electrical project, we need to know what you have already done. That way we can understand what you have done and find out how to fix the problem quick and efficiently.
  3. Run Through A Checklist – At Ventura Electric we are not here to take your money. If you need our service we would be glad to help. However, we do not want to waste your time or money. Does your light bulb just need changing? Did the appliance stop working or is it the outlet? Try plugging the appliance in another outlet to check.

Contact Us Today!

Contact Ventura Electric for the BEST residential electric service in Wauconda, Illinois. We will diagnosis your electrical problem and come up with the best solutions to keep you and your family safe. We are open 24 hours a day to provide the best service possible! Contact us at 847-277-7171 for our service or for any questions you might have.

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